Mediterranean soap
Mediterranean soap


Mediterranean soap

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Moisturizing bath soap. Inspired by Summer, Beach and Sea. Suitable for all skin types. Fresh and citrus aroma reminiscent of the sea air and travelling. The very look of the product refers to the waves of the sea between golden and refined lines that refer to the rich ingredients that this product contains within its summer simplicity.

You can use the soap in question every day. Use on wet skin and rinse after use. Always keep your soap dry after exposure to water, for greater durability of your product. Keep in a dry place.

Highlights on the composition of the product:
This product is based on natural raw materials such as rich vegetable butters and plants aromatic and vegetable oils, such as Coconut Oil, which promotes skin conditioning and great stability against skin oxidation. Contains naturally assigned color. Discontinue use in case of irritation. Do not swallow.



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