Men's Offer Pack
Men's Offer Pack
Men's Offer Pack
Men's Offer Pack
Men's Offer Pack

Terra Saboaria Artesanal

Men's Offer Pack

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Giving a man a present is almost never an easy task. It is very important to get to know the person to be given a little bit and understand their tastes. Are men really that hard to please? On one thing we will all agree, to a greater or lesser extent men care about their appearance and the consumption of cosmetics and skin and body care products among the male audience is increasing. In the men's line you will find different products that respond to the specific needs of men's beard and skin and hair, and you can customize it by choosing the items that you consider most suitable.

Pack contains shampoo and soap (2 in 1), after shave balm bar, deodorant and facial bar soap for shaving.

The products of Terra Saboaria Artesanal are handcrafted, natural, ecological, vegan and sustainable, manufactured in our atelier in Portugal, by artisanal methods, so their color, aroma and texture may vary slightly in each batch. We exclusively use certified 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, parabens, sulfates or artificial colors. We do not use synthetic ingredients (produced in the laboratory from natural ingredients). We do not perform tests on animals.

Expiration period 
34 months

Dimensions (approx.)
Variable depending on the number of items that make up the Men's Gift Pack

Set presented in a gift box made of recyclable kraft paper, with silk ribbon and label for personalization



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