Chulézinho - The Roosters
Chulézinho - The Roosters
Chulézinho - The Roosters


Chulézinho - The Roosters

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Legend has it that a man, sentenced to death for a crime he swore to be innocent, was rescued from the gallows by a crowed roast rooster, after the suspect uttered that he was as innocent as the crowed roast cock.

After a few years, the saved man returned to Barcelos and had the monument of the Galo de Barcelos built.

Produced with technology seamless in order to obtain a sock with no seams on the toecap.


- 80% Organic Cotton

- 17% polyamide

-3% elastane


- Portugal


Wash socks inside out at temperatures no higher than 40°C (140°F). Do not dry, dry clean or iron.



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